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The Responsive Shelter Initiative

A Volunteer Project for Resilient & Easily Deployable Emergency Shelters


When disasters or public health emergencies strike, nature controls the time table. We should respond faster, and ethically. With today's advanced design, architecture and logistic techniques, survivors and health officials should not have to wait weeks or months for transitional emergency shelters or mobile clinics.


This project is designed to explore the rapid deployment of temporary durable structures which can be immediately transported to recovery zones in the aftermath of hurricanes, mass-scale public health events, tornadoes, wildfires, and significant flooding events...within the United States. 

The Responsive Shelter Initiative is focused on exploring urgent opportunities for fast-deployment of shelters to eliminate the need for disaster survivors to live in fragile tents, vehicles, make-shift shacks or in the open while waiting for traditional disaster housing. It is also designed to assist small businesses engage in quick re-start of commerce to support hard-hit communities following extreme weather conditions. Now, with COVID-19 challenges, we can help.

Immediate Shelter Relief

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The Better Shelter unit can be assembled from just two boxes which can be transported on the back of a pickup truck. 

In just 4 to 5 hours, safe emergency transitional shelters can be deployed in the immediate aftermath of disaster events, such as Hurricane Dorian. 

This Better Shelter unit was assembled by a team of dedicated volunteers at Florida State University's Panama City Campus in June, 2019. Image courtesy Jan Booher. 

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